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FlashKap - Microscope Adapter

  • $126.00
Compatible Models

FlashKap Microscope Adapter - Allow FlashKap adapter and FlashKap ring flash diffuser to be attached to a Zeiss microscope.

Attach the FlashKap microscope adapter to your Zeiss microscope drape adapter with the tension screws included and attach the FlashKap ring flash diffuser setup and shoot away. 

Two versions: 
1. E300 compatible with Zeiss Extaro 300. 
2. OP compatible with Zeiss OPMI pico. 

FlashKap has no affiliation with Zeiss.

For Canon MR14EX II:  77-67mm step down ring is required to be purchased separately.

*Zeiss drape adapter is not included"

Please note that FlashKap is not responsible or liable for any damages to your microscope.